Data analysis
Proficient in Stata and SQL; growing in R and SAS
Proficient in numerous multivariate regression models, including OLS, Poisson, logistic, ordinal logistic, time-series, panel analysis, and survival analysis, as well as translating these into predictive models
Proficient in multiple qualitative methods, including content analysis, survey design and administration, and interviews
Experience in teaching and tutoring in statistics and sociology topics

Design, communications, and data viz
Proficient in Tableau
Proficient in Adobe InDesign; experienced with Photoshop
Proficient in the Microsoft Office suite
Expertise with multiple social media venues and strategy
Expertise with web and print content strategy
Expertise in crafting comprehensive research reports accessible to multiple audiences, as well as adapting for and delivering public presentations

Leadership and project coordination
Served on the executive cabinet of Oregon State University’s Women in Policy; as a member, coordinated the development of the organization’s website from conception to implementation (2012-2014)
Project organizer and leader for multiple collegiate projects, including restructuring the delinquency prevention curriculum in collaboration with both “inside” (in prison) and “outside” students during her participation in the Inside-Out student exchange program (2013)
Graduate of Multnomah Leadership Academy, a 6-month leadership training institute that selects 30 employees (out of over 5,500) annually to participate (2016)
Led the development of the composite scoring systems for mental health outpatient and substance use detoxification, residential, and outpatient agencies in the tri-county region (2016-2020)
Led the development of the acute care risk tool, a predictive algorithm that helps identify which clients are at highest risk of psychiatric emergency services or hospitalization (2018-2019)
Served on the executive board of IDEA (Including Disability in Equity & Access), an employee resource group for Multnomah County staff with disabilities (2019-2020)
Worked as shift lead for Multnomah County’s medical motel shelter for houseless individuals experiencing COVID-19 symptoms- person in charge on-site during swing shift, managing staff and workflows, addressing guest needs, responsible for guest and staff health and safety (2020)


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